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Lisa and I are so proud to share we have opened Palleviate LLC.
After listening to our patients detail their disappointment in there CBD products and Hemp flowers, we decided to take the time to get the purest USA grown CBD products and Hemp flower available.
Our CBD products differ from many others because Palleviate uses Nano-emulsion technology. This reduces the size of the CBD oil droplets and results in significantly higher and quicker absorption into the blood. Many have stated they use LESS product because of this.
To get the most value for your money, Palleviate ensures the CBD products you choose have a high bioavailability.
Palleviates flower come in king size pre-rolls and grams. Please see our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more information.
Palleviate genuinely believes in the benefits Cannabis offers to so many. What we found is there are many who are not ready for Cannabis due to them believing they will lose their right to carry a firearm or the “HIGH” affect. Palleviates CBD products and Hemp flower are an amazing alternative. We urge you to go to for all the information you will need to make the best decision on YOUR path to a better Quality of life

Information pertaining to the COVID-19 Virus.

Palliativity Medical Group (PMG) and COVID-19 Virus situation.

Here are some guidelines we humbly request you adhere to;

 If you have a fever, shortness of breath, and cough – Please call us first before your appointment.

 If you have recently traveled to any countries that are among the travel alerts by the CDC please inform us prior to your arrival for your appointment.

 Have had contact with known COVID-19 patients/Loved ones please inform us prior to your arrival for your appointment.

 At PMG we do not have the ability to test for this virus in the office. The State of NH is conducting testing for this virus. We would need to refer you to the State if testing is needed.

 Please practice social distancing, always have good hand-washing techniques and do this often. Sneezing and coughing into your arms inner elbow area and not your hands is a great idea.

New Same Day Therapeutic Cannabis Certification Program process.

Effective Monday November 18th, 2019 the NH Therapeutic Cannabis program is changing to allow same-day certifications.

In order to accommodate your needs, Palliativity Medical Group offers the following:

1. You may schedule an appointment during our regular business hours
(Monday through Friday 9am-5pm)

2. We will offer some Saturday and Sunday availability for scheduled appointments. Due to increased incidence of patients not showing for scheduled weekend appointments, these appointments require a $50.00 cash or $55.00 if using a credit card, nonrefundable deposit that will be credited toward your certification that day when you arrive.WE DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS FOR ANY CERTIFICATION VISITS.
3. Beginning November 18th,appointments are available please call for non-regular business hours availability:
ANY Walk-In hours will be posted on Facebook – so please make sure you check as the schedule may vary without notice.

Please contact our office for further details.

Referral to Palliative care

Does a Referral to Palliative Care Mean I’m Dying?

No.  Receiving palliative care does not mean you’re dying.  Being referred to palliative care means that you are dealing with difficult medical problems – ones that can cause pain, emotional uncertainty and personal complications for you and the people you love.


By addressing pain, reducing stress and improving comfort, people tend to sleep better and eat a bit better and stay more active.  It is not surprising that their health improves – and sometimes people live longer!



Medical Treatment

Do I Need to Stop Medical Treatments in Order to Receive Palliative Care?

NO! We support doing whatever you, your family and your primary health care team feel is right for you. Many of the patients we see are receiving treatments, such as:


  • Chemotherapy or radiation for cancer
  • Cardiac procedures (angiography or pacemakers, and surgery)
  • Clinical trials (offering experimental approaches for your condition)

If difficult decisions about treatments arise, we can help you sort through the options.  Palliative Care does not replace your primary treatment; it works to support the care you are receiving to improve your quality of life.